Brighter Skin? Have you tried the NeoStrata Enlighten range?

When asked what my heart desires in terms of skin what I will always answer will be bright clear and free of dark spots. It is really hard to detract from that as wrinkles and fine lines will come regardless.

My skin is thankfully relatively clear and as I have aged isn’t as sensitive as it once was. Years of working in luxury skincare has seen to that.

So the tip towards a more cosmeceutical approach to skincare started me on a journey with the NeoStrata Brand.  I cannot stress how unfussy the brand is from the packaging which takes on an almost clinical look to the smell.  It is all very low key.  Sleek and practical but oh so very effective.  As a brand NeoStrata isn’t especially trendy, it doesn’t have massive celebrity endorsements and that makes me love it all the more.

neostrata enlighten range



The Enlighten range is built for gals like me.  Neostrata Enlighten Ultra Brightening Cleanser is a  creamy foaming wash off cleanser to brighten, illuminate and help control pigmentation for a more even skin tone.  I use it with my Clarisonic.  The Creamy foaming formulation gently removes oils and doesn’t leave your skin tight. NeoGlucosamineTM gently exfoliates, so that you are not damaging you skin.



Enlighten Illuminating Serum is a lightening treatment serum to target dark spots and uneven skin tone. It contains 12 Active brighteners targeting 6 pigment control systems to help break up and reduce the appearance of existing dark or brown spots.  Disturbing this melanin means that over time the spots become less obvious. You must of course use this with an SPF in order to maintain the results.

This time of year is perfect for this type of product because there is less sun and therefore the skin will respond better.

What I loved most is how these products just slotted into my regular skincare with no problem.  As a rule I always double cleanse my skin.  So removing the make-up and then using the foam worked in the evening time. In the morning I just cleansed with the foam.  The serum is light and not sticky so worked really well under a light moisturiser and make up.


All in all if your skin is dull and lacking VaVa Voom then I could wholeheartedly say that this regime will blow you away.  There is no need for the fancy marketing or packaging when you have got a brand like NeoStrata that really works.

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Mary-Jane O'Regan

Mary-Jane O'Regan is a freelance Makeup Artist covering primarily Munster. She is trained in all aspects of skincare as well as make up & has worked behind the scenes on Fashion Shoots & Shows as well as being featured in both national and local editorials. Her Glambox is a unique concept, she will travel to weddings & events to do makeovers. She works with many high profile brands & writes a weekly column on make up & beauty. She offers make up lessons & is an educator at Foxy Training.