Evolv-ing into a New Year … a more peaceful me.



I recently travelled down to Enniscorthy to visit Irelands largest health food store Evolv, run by husband and wife team Matt & Nuala Ronan who have been in business for over 20 years.


Evolv is not your typical health food store with simply health foods, supplements, cosmetics, aromatherapy, sports nutrition & herbal supplements, it spans 4 floors of this and more – running regular Clinics, Classes, Seminars, Holistic Treatments, Readings and Healings … it’s certainly Irelands best kept secret!

In December Evolv held a Fantastic Friday & Super Saturday for their loyal customers to sample their delightful holistic therapies and treatments with some mulled wine and treats from the health store.

I spent the weekend down there so both myself and Paul could book in for 2 days of treatments … when in Rome as they say.  After 3 flu’s in 6 weeks I was only dying for some pampering and pampering I got!

First up for me on Fantastic Friday was The Total Facial Experience – A Li!  This facial treatment started with Josephine for 30 minutes doing a beautiful cleanse, tone and moisturise using Dr Hauschka products. My first time ever to have a Dr Hauschka facial or using their products and my skin felt super soft after it and looked radiant (if I say so myself!).  This was then followed by 30 minutes of acupressure and deep reflexology massage on the face with Marianne Nishifue a Cerfied Acupressure & Massage Therapist that runs her own clinics there.  After 6 weeks of flu as I mentioned my face was in bits and hurt!  Yes hurt!  Between blocked sinuses and congestion and a raw nose from constantly blowing it, I can’t tell you the relief I got from the acupressure and deep reflexology massage on my face.  No more blocked sinus and hello breathing again with a softer nose and dry skin gone!


Made my way upstairs to the warmest, snuggest room for my next treatment which was an Indian Head Massage … and it was worth every step.  What a treat!  Where do I start?  It was so calming and relaxing, and after an hour of relieving stress and tension I was ready to sleep!  I actually cried with the relief.  The therapist worked on my neck and shoulders where I was holding alot of stress and even did a hot stone massage for more flexibility in my neck and shoulders to relieve the tension.  Felt so much relief and the extra touch of the hot stone massage to help me was pure heaven.  I didn’t want to get off that bed …  just felt like sleeping for the first time in weeks.  The only thing getting me to shift (very slowly I might add) was the next treatment I’d booked in for.

My last treatment of the day was the Intuitive Energetic Body Work with Paula Cox.  Paula uses energy work and muscle manipulation as she brings you into a deeply relaxed state.  So relaxed that I fell asleep for some…actually most of it, her technique balances your body and mind, leaving you feeling calm and light as a feather.  I was totally floating out of there … the most blissful healing treatment ever!

At 8.30pm after dinner I crawled into bed and slept for the first time in weeks!

On Saturday it was my last session in Evolv and I booked in for a Truth Session.  Intrigued?  So was I..!  I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about.  Nuala offers this unique work called “The Truth Session“, a 3 hour session that delves into the unconscious mind.  The best way Nuala put it was – its a place where sometimes the driver of your life resides and even though you would like your life to go in a different direction the driver turns in the opposite direction. It is designed for those who want to take control of their lives and change it positively for life, setting yourself free of negative beliefs to create the life you want.  Nuala believes you create your own reality and your unconscious mind can be creating in a way that isn’t beneficial to you.

Nuala also teaches you how to clear your negative beliefs that are running your life or ruining aspects of your life? She gets you to look at your thoughts and see what your are believing to be true about your life that isn’t serving you.  Gone are words like ‘should’ or ‘have to’ and ‘must’ they all have the energy of fear and this is where Nuala teaches you to think loving thoughts.

yoga 3

Nuala will show you how to do Guided Meditation, if you have a mind that is very active guided meditation is ideal for you as it gives your mind something to do whilst bringing you into a place of deep connection with your inner life as you unwind and relax.  The best way I can describe is getting rid of all the clutter and nonsense in your head leaving you to concentrate on the things you need to for a happier life.


You will leave with a blue print for your life and a plan of action – to help you in creating the new life you want to lead.  I will be doing another blog on this as I am only a little over half way through the 40 day programme I am doing.evolv 1

Nuala also gives classes on How to Manifest the Life You Want.  Link to Nualas website click here

For more information on Evolv and the treatments, classes and courses they run click here


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