Fertility in Mind …the mind/body connection & your fertility

The connection between what we think in our minds and what we experience in our bodies is known as the Mind/Body connection.  Our thoughts, emotions and feelings trigger real, measurable responses in our bodies on a moment by moment basis.  This is reflected in hormonal changes and immune function, having a real impact on sperm production and egg ripening.

Fertility in Mind

The mind is quite literally communicating with the body at all times and acting on feedback received.  Remember getting someone to imagine sucking a juicy, bitter lemon and their surprise when their mouth watered?  That’s the mind and body working together.  If you can get that mouth-watering response just by thinking it, imagine how much you can influence fertility.  My Fertility in Mind sessions  use guided visualization exercises to boost fertility and produce tangible effects in the body.

Clients learn how to make the switch to a  positive mindset.  We explore the background to their infertility and deal with emotional blocks that may contribute to infertility.

Fertility in Mind: Research Results

According to Dr. A. Domar, up to 50% of women starting IVF are suffering from a generalised anxiety disorder (Infertility and the mind/body connection in the female patient.  2005). When reproductive health is improved and stress levels reduced pregnancy rates soar.  45% of patients conceive within six months of completing a mind/body programme.

There is much more to it than simply telling someone to relax!  Infertility itself is a stressor.  My  Fertility in Mind works to improve conceiving chances by having you in optimum physical and mental shape.

Fertility in Mind uses aspects of psychotherapy, visualization, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy. There is  sensible advice and tips from my own 35-year experience of helping couples  conceive naturally or with IVF.

My nursing and midwifery background means that I can explain procedures,  the reasons for them, coach you through the whole process.

Learning how much you can do to improve your capacity for getting pregnant puts you in the driving seat.  I’ll  guide you through the IVF process so that you can get the most from it.  Having useful coping strategies for navigating the fertility rollercoaster can save a lot of heartache and help you surmount disappointment or sadness along the way…I am with couples for the long haul.

My book “Fertility in Mind … How to Succeed With IVF” is available on Amazon.com and there’s a free pdf for you on my homepage!

Helena Tubridy

Helena Tubridy is a Fertility Expert, Hypnotherapist, Author and former Midwife, passionate about helping couples achieve pregnancy. Her therapy can double IVF conception rates and boost natural fertility. Latest fertility information, blogs and audio downloads are on her website http://www,helenatubridy.com