Fertility Mindfulness – The Mind Body Connection

Using your mind to improve your fertility?  Not as strange as you might think!  Have you ever blushed?  The embarrassment you felt on view for all the world.  Research shows emotions influence all body functions, especially fertility hormones.

Fertility Mindfulness totally re-boots your mind and body, tipping the odds of conceiving in your favor as you re-align your mindset and prepare for conception success, no matter what you have experienced.

Your mind and body need to work together for a healthy pregnancy.


Fertility Mindfulness –  The Mind Body Connection

Fertility is a continuous mind and body process, not just a one-off event.  You have the opportunity to make incredible changes in a short time to impact your fertility immediately.  This goes for women and men.  The ‘thinking’ part of your mind occupies a fraction of  your brain’s activity.  Most of your brain plots physical functions –  breathing, circulation, digestion, hormone production, immune system etc.  Your body alters, moment-to-moment.  Thoughts, moods and emotions affect hormone building. Mind and body are interconnected and communicate with each other all the time.

Every thought  produces a chemical messenger affecting the immune system or the endocrine system. These impact fertility, conceiving and pregnancy.  Neuroscience research shows connectivity of mind and body, thoughts and emotions underpinning biology, behaviours, choices and decisions ~ Psychoneuroimmunology.

You are what you eat, feel and think.

You have  an adrenaline-activated fight/flight mechanism.  Imagine the exact opposite  –  body and mind in standby mode.  This the ‘Relaxation Response’ researched by Dr Herbert Benson of Harvard University. Being in the zone,  mind calm yet focussed.  Sports people achieve this mindset at peak performance.  Switch to ‘safe mode’ … and fertility levels rise!

Fertility is static, limited, fragile and fleeting so the key is  …

Unlocking Fertility

What if women don’t have all their eggs in one basket?

That egg germ cells can make new eggs from scratch when required?  For too long women have been terrified by fear of ‘low ovarian reserve’ measured by the dreaded AMH level.  New research shows ‘egg precursor cells’ in ovaries which develop into viable eggs when conditions are right…click here

How Fertility Mindfulness Works

This is a series of  individual sessions tailored for  you to kick-start your fertility and get back in the driving seat.

We’ll cover everything from getting you ready to get pregnant – (lifestyle changes, fears, mental blocks, weight, exercise, smoking, sex) to IVF preparation, if you need it.  You learn what to expect at visits, how to manage clinic visits around work schedules and the best way to give injections. Get coached through IVF; egg collection, transfer, 2 week wait and follow-up.

We deal with miscarriage, termination of pregnancy, ectopic, and IVF failure.

Fertility mindfulness involves psychotherapy, CBT, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, visualisation, coaching and counseling, for best results.  There’s plenty of discussion, common sense and a bit of humor.  This is your own Fertility Bootcamp!

I am passionate about helping you get pregnant.

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Monday afternoon sessions are free of charge to those who are financially challenged. 

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Helena Tubridy

Helena Tubridy is a Fertility Expert, Hypnotherapist, Author and former Midwife, passionate about helping couples achieve pregnancy. Her therapy can double IVF conception rates and boost natural fertility. Latest fertility information, blogs and audio downloads are on her website http://www,helenatubridy.com