How writing this is good for my health!


I am delighted to introduce myself as the Health and Wellbeing contributor here on

Some of you may know me from my Facebook page  or my Twitter handle @HolosSkinNiamh.  Everything I do in my life, I ask myself is this good for my health?

Yes even the glass of wine on a Friday night!  The glass is always good as I love it with food and it is a nice reward for all the work I do.  The bottle however is another story!

I try to apply a health focus to all aspects of my life.  Now I promise I will not be preaching to you.  I am by no means perfect, but I figure if I know how to be healthy then I should at least try.  I believe that being healthy is not just about going to the gym or not eating chocolate, in fact you can be perfectly healthy by never passing through the doors of a gym, and by eating chocolate.

There isn’t just one thing you need to do to be healthy.  A holistic approach is always best.  When I say holistic, I mean you look at your lifestyle as a whole.  This incorporates what you eat, how much water you drink, caffeine intake, exercise, how much sleep you get, how much fresh air you get, how much time you spend working (being an Entrepreneur, this is where I fall down), what your stress levels are, the people you surround yourself with, your job, your home, your free time, family time and indeed even what products your use in your home and put on your skin.  It encompasses physical, mental and emotional health.  We need all three.


So when I took on writing for, I asked myself “Is this good for my health?” and of course the answer is yes. Yes, it is good for my health and for various reasons too.

The first one is that I love writing.  I love writing especially when it is about subjects I am passionate about and health and wellbeing is something close to my heart.  It makes me feel happy.

The second is I love a challenge and having to come up with new and fresh ideas. It keeps the mind turning and the brain healthy.Holos Anti-Ageing Oil

The third is that I can connect with people that have an interest in skincare and help them understand the ethos behind Holos Skincare from Nature and if people understand that and like it, they will try Holos and that is good for my business and therefore good for my health.


So remember to ask yourself “Is this good for my health?” If the answer is no well then question why you are doing it.  If it isn’t good for your health, well then chances are it’s not going to make you very happy either.

Hmmmm… happy healthy choices to you all.  Next week I will be talking about facials and how they are so good for your health and wellbeing … and beautiful skin!

Niamh xx

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Niamh Hogan

Niamh Hogan has been a practicing Natural Health Therapist for 11 years specialising in Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Stress Management. She has taught Yoga, Exercise & fitness and Meditation. She is the owner & creator of Holos, Skincare from Nature, an Irish, handmade holistic skincare made with pure essential oils & natural ingredients.