Living by The Law of Attraction


Well, here we are start of a New Year!  I thought I would do something a little different today instead of fashion.  Whilst I am not a fan of resolutions as it can set a precedent for future disappointment if we break these resolutions, I do believe in goal setting and planning for the year head.


I love setting goals and aspirations for myself each year, big or small, weird or wonderful. I am big believer in positive thinking and how we can change our mood, vibration and energy with positive thoughts.

Your mood will instantly lift and when you are positive listing goals and dreams for yourself for the year it will give you a positive outlook on life. For some people, learning a new skill is a more a realistic goal than giving up chocolate.  For others, a goal in the New Year might be making more time for oneself or to meet up with friends more often.

My first word of advice, is to write all our goals down, it is a perfect time to get diary and write down your goals for the year ahead.  Start off with small realistic goals, e.g. getting fit or saving for that special holiday or occasion.  Underneath your goals, list a plan of actions that will help you attain that particular goal and read and go over these goals each day so they are set clear in your mind.  Now for the important part, be clear about want you want!  If you are sketchy in your own mind about what you really want to achieve or desire, it will make your goals and dreams hard to achieve as there is no specific focus on at that one desire or goal. What you focus on will expand and be drawn into your reality!

For bigger goals and dreams such as a big career change, to be successful, mend a relationship or whatever your dream or goal may be, the first step is to write it down and then visualise that goal and how you will feel when you have achieved it.  Creative visualisation can do great things, it can bring events and goals into our lives through positive thinking and visualisations and the feeling or vibration that is attached to that goal/or dream will help attract it into your life.  The hard part is that we often limit ourselves and cannot look beyond a limited belief that is our subconscious mind.

Meditation is a good practice to clearing your mind and once you have mastered quieting the mind you can visualize with meditation the dream or goal you desire.  I suggest using visualisation techniques after meditation for five minutes every day, it is basically like using your imagination and mentally envisioning yourself as successful, having the relationship, or whatever the goal may be.  The key to this, is start feeling as you have all already achieved all you desire, as when you do, you will magnetise your feelings towards it and attract it in to your life.  This is called living by The Law of Attraction!

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To Sinead Happy Christmas Love  Mam x

Caitriona Prendergast

Caitriona’s background is in journalism while also training & working as a freelance make-up artist in the beauty industry since 2006. Caitriona has an eye for design & fashionable trends and has successfully set up a website that appeals to all fashionistas, she has previously worked in the retail sector allowing her to access valuable styling & retail skills. Adding to this is her creative writing journalistic background which feeds into her love of blogging and feature writing.