More sex makes more babies

Couples trying to conceive are advised to do some pretty weird things. Now research suggests something so simple and blindingly obvious it’s hard to believe no-one did before. More sex makes more babies! A study from North Middlesex Hospital, London, found that sex twice within an hour can triple conception rates.

The study assessed 73 couples who were using IUI -intrauterine insemination – where sperm is placed directly into the uterus. It was found that when the males in the study – categorized as sub-fertile – gave two semen samples within an hour and the second sample was chosen for the insemination, a pregnancy rate of 20% resulted.

That’s a whopping three times the usual 6% success doctors hope for with this low-tech fertility treatment.

Fifteen women became pregnant immediately, while another ten conceived next time around using this approach. The success rate soared to an overall 34% compared with regular IVF.

Medical advice

Traditionally doctors have recommended men to abstain from frequent sex or masturbation for fear of depleting reproductive potential and to conserve sperm for the frantic ‘fertile window’ of the monthly cycle. NHS guidelines even advise men doing fertility treatment to avoid sex for a minimum of two days before semen collection – to ensure an adequate sample. This study clearly shows that more sex is good for fertility, producing fresh healthy sperm for fertilization.

The difficulty is encouraging couples to enjoy more sex throughout the month.

I see women after years of infertility. Sex loses it’s lustre under pressure and across the board in long-term relationships.

“We just do it because we have to now,  and quickly,’  revealed Amy, a client of mine, recently, ‘Gone are the candles and rose-petals. Once we’re done I’m back on Facebook and he’s looking at the news. It’s a relief when it’s over for another month. It’s purely mechanical, just something we have to get done.’

More sex makes more babies

Trying to conceive turns sex into a chore, coupled with disappointment as another month goes by without a bfp.

Can you remember when you got together? Sex twice in an hour was normal! So maybe nature intended more sex to make more babies.

That’s where mindfulness fertility coaching enters the equation to reignite the passion and fun, spontaneity  … and  great orgasms.

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I believe you deserve a good sex life.

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