Pigmentation, Cholasma & SPF’s during Pregnancy

Pigment changes are quite common during pregnancy and occur on some level in most women during their nine month pregnancy.  These changes can be mild darkening of the skin to obvious dark spots that appear on the face or body.

Pigmentation can occur in a new area or be just a darkening of a freckle already present.


The good news is that most pigmentation that occurs during pregnancy will disappear within a few months of the arrival of your baby.


Don’t always assume just because you are pregnant that any darkening of freckles or skin are as a result of pregnancy , if in doubt about any skin changes consult your GP first.

Pigmentation, cholasma  or melasma can be a result of UV exposure or hormonal  changes such as ‘pregnancy mask’ or taking the contraceptive pill.  Pigmentation as a result of UV exposure can be more difficult to treat and also does not fade as fast as hormonal induced, and of course can only get worse if exposed to sunlight daily.


Some pigmentation can be difficult to treat depending on how long it’s there or how deep set it is but there are many ingredients that can help lighten and lift pigmentation safely.  Effective ingredients to use are retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Kojic Acids, Sabi White (derived from Tumeric)


We usually would not want to start using something different or unusual on our skin during pregnancy so always exercise caution with ingredients . There is very little you can do during pregnancy to treat pigmentation.

The use of ingredients listed are not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding but post pregnancy is a good time to start treating the area, they not only help exfoliate the pigmentation but also lighten it.  The use of a sun screen daily, during and after pregnancy may help stop the pigmentation from increasing, many SPF’s are physical blocks and are safer and less sensitive for skin during pregnancy.

During summer months hats,sun glasses  and protective clothing against the sun is advisable .


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Deirdre Kenneally

Deirdre Kenneally has over 10 years experience in the cosmetic skincare & aesthetic dermatology field. As Clinical Manager for NeoStrata skincare she has played a key part in creating & implementing strategies designed to educate doctors and dermatologists showcasing NeoStrata as a leading anti aging, results driven range. With a wealth of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine she has overseen the launch of several dermal filler ranges into the Irish market and has devised & delivered training programmes for 2 prominent French dermatology brands Avene and Uriage.