Prepping Skin for the Party Season

My favourite time of year is upon us.  Loads of get togethers with family and friends and maybe it’s the thought of impending time off work but everyone always seems a little happier.

The same cannot always be said for our skin where a few too many Christmas parties, cold weather and central heating put it under a little bit of undue pressure.  

The common skin symptoms around this time of year often include dullness, tightness and general lack of moisture – just when you want your skin glowing for an event!   The reason these symptoms appear is often related to the usual suspects – lack of sleep, a few too many alcoholic beverages, not enough water, caffeine, central heating and dry environments.  These skin irritants alone can cause problems so group them together all in the same month and it’s no wonder our skin looks a little overworked!

Dry environments leech vital water from the skin leaving it dehydrated and unable to function effectively whilst late nights and lack of sleep can slow skins regeneration leaving us with a general lack of radiance, moisture and the odd flake of dry skin.    

What can we do:

  • Have a good treatment.  A customised facial is the best way to get moisture into your skin fast so treat your skin to a pre-Christmas pick me up.  
  • The key to this season is moisture – both inside and out.  Support your skin by drinking at least 2 litres of water per day and include water in between alcoholic drinks on nights out.
  • Add an exfoliant into your routine at last twice weekly.  This will remove dead cell build up and allow your other products to penetrate your skin effectively.   
  • Seek advice on adding a good quality omega supplement into your routine.  This helps support the natural lipids in your skin and will improve dry skin.
  • You may need to add extra hydration topically by adding a serum or mask into your homecare programme to help protect your skin against harsh weather and dreaded central heating.  

Happy holidays……..

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Jeanne Brophy

Jeanne Brophy has been working as a facialist for over a decade. Jeanne’s holistic approach & understanding of skin health has earned her the reputation as one of Irelands leading skincare specialists. Her focus on skin health has taken her on seminars & courses throughout Ireland, the U.S., France & the UK, discovering innovative skincare solutions for healthy radiant skin. Her aim is to help all her clients become truly confident in their own skin .