Review of The PHYT’S Radiance Facial at Oasis Beauty

I was invited in to check out Oasis Beauty a Day Spa & Laser Clinic in the heart of Smithfield in Dublin 7 and have a complimentary treatment a few weeks ago.  So off I went last week for a very long overdue facial.  I didn’t actually specify which one I wanted as I left that for the therapist to decide when she saw my skin.  I’ve been feeling a bit meh lately so was long overdue some pampering and a glowing facial….and I wasn’t disappointed.

Oasis Beauty is located just beside The Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield and a minute walk from the Smithfield Luas stop, so really convenient for those working in the city centre.

On my arrival, Sylwia the owner, took me on a tour of the gorgeous treatment rooms and went through some of the treatments they do.  After my little tour we went through to the changing room and I was given a pair of disposable slippers and a cosmetic tunic so I could remove the top half of my clothing for the facial.  Oasis Beauty provide this to every client coming in for any treatment which is a lovely touch.


The heated bed and snuggly blanket I was covered in was just what was needed for a very wet Tuesday afternoon.  As I mentioned I leave it to the therapists to decide when they see my skin what facial I should get and Sylwia suggested the Radiant Phyt’s facial for sensitive skin when she saw how sensitive it is and all the broken capillaries.  All Phyt’s products are fully organic and contains original essential oils that are main base in all their products AND with anti-ageing properties most importantly at my age!!  Every little helps as they say!  I have very sensitive skin these days which I’m conscious of if I’m not wearing makeup so I wanted a glow without the irritation.


My treatment included a gentle facial cleansing with hydrating, milky cleanser.  The sunflower oil, verbena, lemon and hazelnut left my skin feeling really soft after a good thorough cleansing.  The next step of the treatment was to tone my skin with a gentle toner which main ingredients were bitter orange (great for broken capillaries and sensitive skin), verbena and mallow (again – anti-inflammatory properties) and smelled delicious.

As my skin is very sensitive, with visible red patchy areas on the cheeks, chin and slightly around the forehead Sylwia used gommage exfoliator in order to exfoliate it, in a very gentle but effective way.  Thanks to its plant cellulose as a main ingredient, dead cells stick to it and Sylwia could remove the barrier of dead cells purely with her fingers by very gently rubbing until the product was fully gone from my skin.

In other facials I’ve had done before, cloths were always used so this was really relaxing and hopefully Sylwia managed to tone as she went along, as it was like a massage for the face!

oasis3Sylwia then used an anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing serum together with a soothing mask which contained mandarin and orange peel.  Once I had the mask on my face she performed pressure point massage to stimulate main areas on the face for a better circulation but also for a deeper relaxation as pressing on the specific points on the skin helped me ‘switch off’ and relax even more!  She continued with face, neck and shoulder massage which at this stage had me dozing off.

Sylwia used nourishing massage cream as well as anti-aging serum for neck and shoulders.  After the massage, she applied a soothing cream mask and on the top of that a seaweed peel off mask that contains pure algae and extracts from the red wine that has calming down properties for skin with broken capillaries.  It is also widely used to fight with free radicals.



She also applied it on the lips as they were dry so they could also benefit from hydrating properties of the mask!  Once the mask on, she covered my eyes with a heated yoga mask and performed a dry scalp massage.  This mask wasleft on for 15 minutes.  And in literally a movements the mask was removed.  Sylwia then applied a highly moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid (back to all the help I can get!!).  She then finished the treatment with the application of SPF 50, even though there wasn’t a bit of blue sky to be seen that day much less sun.



My skin felt extremely soft and looked bright with a lovely glow.  I felt pampered and relaxed after that hour and was ready for bed…but sadly it was 3pm and an hour home!

The treatment room I was in had a large sterilising unit in it, its called an autclave I learned and is used to sterilise all metal tools that they for manis and pedis, something I hadn’t seen before in salons.

oasis2Oasis Beauty offer a huge range of treatments from facials, hair removal, semi-permanent makeup to total relaxation with their spa capsule, healing jade stone bed massage, body mask nourishing treatments or manual massages designed to your needs.  Click through and check out the list of the treatments they offer HERE

OASIS BEAUTY – DAY SPA & LASER CLINIC, 2 Thundercut Alley, Smithfield Market, Dublin 7.  Tel (+353) 1 874 7298.

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