Samantha’s Top 10 Beauty Secrets


You might already know some of these, but there’s no harm in getting a little reminder! Here’s my top ten beauty secrets that I swear by!



1.  Vaseline

The top beauty secret out there!  It has so many uses and is one of my main go-to products.  It can help moisturise dry skin, works as a lip balm if you’re stuck, and you can even use it to help style your eyebrows.  Another one of my little tricks with Vaseline is to put a dab of it on a muslin cloth or face cloth and use it as a makeup remover to get rid of even the most stubborn mascara.

2.  Tea Bags

You might think it’s an old wives tale but putting used teabags on your eyes really help get rid of puffiness!  To enhance the effects, use some herbal teabags with calming effects such as chamomile or green tea.

3.  Warm Your Eyelash Curler

For extra va-va-voom on those lashes, warm your eyelash curler by blasting it with your hair drier.  The heat makes the curl stronger and last longer.

4.  Sudacrem Those Spots

You can spend a small fortune on products that claim to help reduce spots or, even better, get rid of them completely.  But why break the bank when you can just grab a tub of Sudacrem which does the same job!  Just pop a dab of Sudacrem on at night before bed and in a day or two you’ll notice a big difference!

5.  Swap Mascara Wands

Love your super expensive mascara but can’t afford to replace it?  Just head to the shops and buy a cheap mascara.  Then take the wand from the mascara that you love and use it in the cheaper one.  It’s not the mascara itself that makes the difference to your lashes, it’s the wand.

6.  Brush Up  & Whiten Those Toenails!

Do you ever get stained toenails from wearing polish on them so much?  I do.  And the best tip I’ve had to get rid of the yellowy stain?  Put a bit of whitening toothpaste onto a nail brush and scrub your toes with that.  Sounds strange but it totally works!

7.  Save On Shaving Gel By Using Conditioner

This was a trick that came from my mum!  For silky smooth legs, apply hair conditioner to your legs instead of shaving foam.  It nourishes your legs and is a much cheaper alternative than the expensive cans of shaving foam.

8.  Make Perfume Last Longer

Put a couple of sprays of your perfume onto your hairbrush then brush your locks as normal.  The perfume will stick to the hair and last all day.

9.  Rescue Softened Eyeliner

There’s nothing worse than eyeliner that’s started to soften, giving a smudged look on your lids.  If you notice you eyeliner is starting to go soft and crumbly, pop it in the freezer for twenty minutes then apply.  The coldness from the freezer firms it up which produces a flawless finish.

10.  Natural Yoghurt

To keep your hair smooth and sleek, a hair mask once a week is what you need.  But to save a bit of cash, use some natural yogurt mixed with a spoon of olive oil.  Leave it in for 5-10 minutes, then wash out.  The result?  Gorgeously luscious locks.


So that’s my top 10 beauty secrets shared with my readers!  Let me know if you have any other beauty secrets you want to spill in the comments below!



Samantha O'Flanagan

Samantha runs the Beauty & Lifestyle blog & also has her own monthly magazine All The Buzz. Named Blogger of the Year 2014 in the Samsung Digital Media Awards. She is a qualified holistic therapist and a huge believer in looking after yourself from the inside out. Following from her own experiences, she openly talks about metal health issues to raise awareness to the subject, but her main passions are beauty and healthy living.