Skin Brushing


As the largest eliminative organ, the skin plays a vital role in ridding the body of toxins and impurities that are potential sources of illness. It has been estimated that the skin eliminates over one pound of waste per day.  For this reason daily skin brushing would normally go hand in hand with an internal cleansing programme.

Skin brushing is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse the lymphatic system.  Waste material is carried away from the cells by the blood and lymph.  Skin brushing stimulates the release of this material from the cells near the surface of the body.  Eventually most of the toxins along with their carrier cells, primarily lymphocytes, find their way to the colon.  It also stimulates the sweat glands and increases blood circulation to underlying organs and tissues in the body.

Today, a sedentary lifestyle and general lack of exercise, along with the common use of anti-perspirant, keep people from perspiring enough.

As a result, toxins and metabolic waste are not released through sweat as they were intended, but instead, back up into the body.  Skin brushing opens up the pores, allowing the body to breathe and thus enhances proper functioning of the organs.

Purchase a natural bristle brush from a health food store and brush the skin daily BEFORE bath or shower. That is, use a dry brush on dry skin, and then wash.  Five minutes per day is ample, brushing in long stroking movements, always in the direction of the heart.



Jess Day

Jess Day is an experienced Holistic Therapist, who qualified over 10 years ago with a Diploma in Holistic Dietetics and Nutrition. Also a registered member of the Irish Association for Craniosacral Therapists, Jess has been practicing since 1999 and is an advanced practitioner with a special interest in Paediatrics operating in County Carlow & Kildare.