Step into Summer with Beautiful Brows by KISS


It’s fair to say that eyebrows have taken the world by storm recently and having perfect eyebrows is up there with everyone’s beauty essentials. This summer if you fancy going fresh faced and going for the ‘no makeup, makeup look’ then why not just go for brows and create a naturally perfect brow look with KISS Beautiful Brow Kits! (€9.99)


The all new KISS Beautiful Brow Kit comes with the complete set to shape, fill and define your brows to perfection. First is the handy palette that features two brow colours to customize to your preferred colour, a highlighter to shape your brows and wax to tame stray hairs and keep them in place. It also comes with 4 shape stencils so you can create your desired brow shape with ease and no worry. Coming in the styles ‘Sexy’, ‘Delicate’, ‘Natural’ and ‘Dramatic’ you will be spoilt for choice with brow shapes and styles to suit every occasion.

Finally, the last but in no means least part of the Beautiful Brow Kit is the comb that is included in this wonder kit. Your brows will be combed to perfection with this handy tool. Also on the other side is mini eyebrow razor – but don’t worry this razor is so tiny and is designed to get rid of any stray hairs getting in the way of you having the most perfect brows!


Anita Whyte

Anita is founder of Award Winning blog Dolledup. A blog to make women feel beautiful from the inside-out. Anita has brought together a wonderful team of professionals talking Beauty & Fashion, Personal Development, Health & Wellbeing, Fertility, Aromatherapy, Nutrition and Fitness.