Your Nails are Jewels NOT Tools

This is what Jennifer Swaine of Vanity Rooms keeps instilling into me … she loves her work and loves to see the happy ladies leave the salon with their jewels looking fabulous.

I was bad at getting my nails done and looking after the one thing other than your face is is on display at all times.


But I am now converted BIG TIME … I feel dressed up every day and of course the lovely compliments to go with them does a girl good!

We all love and have used the Essie brand at some stage in our lives and guess what? … Essie Weingarten, the creator of the amazing Essie brand has finally caved and come around to the idea of gel nails!  For years she avoided getting into gel nail polish market saying ” I will never do gel polish” but low and behold she has and has brought us something brilliant.

After alot of disasters in other salons I was well and truly put off getting my nails done again, I would instead opt for a quick file and polish and be done … but those are the old days since I started using Vanity Rooms!


These gel nails are like the SAS of nails, I had mine only redone last week for an event and because of the regrowth!  Otherwise they were perfect after 4 weeks!!  I kid you not AND yes I did housework with these and in my job I am packing and unpacking boxes most days so I’m not that precious about my jewels as I use them more for tools (to Jennifer Swaines horror!!).

essie maker


Essie Weingarten has always been concerned with damaging nail health, and always believed in natural, strong & healthy nail but when Essie became part of L’oreal she had a lot of research at her fingertips to make the best gel polish possible and they did just that.


This product contains Keratin-care technology which respects & protects the nail and Essie feels this product gives the nails beauty without compromise!

Makes for a lovely treat to yourself or a loved one this Christmas and will last you well into the New Year … to get those jewels looking sparkly for the festivities book Vanity Rooms click here

Anita Whyte

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