3 Tips to Reduce Open Pores


What are they?

Pores are small openings where the body’s natural oil called sebum is produced and released onto the surface of the skin. Pores are also hair follicles and are home to all of the hair found on your face and body.  

Why do pores increase in size?

Everyone has pores on their skin.  On some of us these pores are more apparent.  The following are some of the contributing factors to these pores stretching.    

Oily skin

  1. People with oily skin tend to have larger pores. Essentially, with so much oil production, the pores get blocked, which can result in inflammation. This inflammation and extra sebum causes build-up and stretches the walls of the pore canal. Ultimately, this constant stretching effects the skins elasticity and the opening of the pore can become larger.

Sun Damage & Ageing

  1. Sunlight damages the collagen and elastin fibres in your skin which can reduce natural elasticity and in turn lead to increased pore size.

Poor product choices

  1. Using products that are too heavy or formulated for other skin types can cause build up in the skin.  Overtime this can result in stretched or open pores.  

3 tips to reduce open pores

  • Wear a sunscreen daily. It will help protect your skin from the collagen breakdown caused by UVA rays, ultimately keeping your skin fresh and pore free.
  • Incorporate salicylic acid into your skin care routine.  Salicylic helps to dissolve excess oil and deep cleans your skin helping to prevent pores from stretching.  Salicylic acid can be easily added into your skin care routine in the form of a cleanser, toner or treatment mask.
  • Add vitamin A into your homecare routine.  This is generally seen on the ingredient list as retinyl palmitate or retinol.  Vitamin a helps to slow over production of sebum and also increases cell turnover preventing build up which can lead to clogged pores.    


Is there any professional treatments that can help?

Yes! Micro-needling and peeling treatments will both help to stimulate collagen and tighten pores.  Whilst most treatments would never claim to rid your skin of open pores, these treatments and correct homecare will go great lengths to improve appearance.  

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Jeanne Brophy

Jeanne Brophy has been working as a facialist for over a decade. Jeanne’s holistic approach & understanding of skin health has earned her the reputation as one of Irelands leading skincare specialists. Her focus on skin health has taken her on seminars & courses throughout Ireland, the U.S., France & the UK, discovering innovative skincare solutions for healthy radiant skin. Her aim is to help all her clients become truly confident in their own skin .