Flowers delivered through your letterbox


Yes, you read that correctly!  Never miss another delivery with Bloom & Wild, flowers that are delivered through your letterbox.

Bloom & Wild is a leading UK based florist that makes sending design-led flowers online a joy has just been launched in Ireland.


Bloom & Wild is using technology to re­imagine flowers. Bloom & Wild’s ambition is to make sending and receiving flowers the joy that it should be, their hi-tech boxes ensure that its blooms aren’t bashed during the delivery process, and that the packaging is breathable.

The company offers both one-off orders and subscriptions for its monthly flower delivery offering.  Who doesn’t love flowers and how special will you feel every month getting this as a gift from you to you or from someone else?  Major hints being dropped this Christmas.  And speaking of Christmas they even have little Christmas trees that come in a box!


Bloom & Wild flowers are packed by hand, with protective netting on larger flowers to keep them in perfect condition on their journey.  Each flower bouquet comes with care tips and arrangement instructions to keep the flowers blooming for 7 days or more.

Their app and website allow customers to order flowers in well under a minute, and their through-­the-letterbox ­delivery throughout the UK and Ireland means that receiving flowers is as easy as receiving a letter.


We have a 3 month subscription to giveaway to one lucky winner … all you have to do is join us and Bloom & Wild over on Instagram!  Links below

Bloom & Wild click HERE click HERE

Anita Whyte

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