RED TRUFFLE 21 by Jo Loves …. Launching September 2015


Celebrating 21 years of fragrance, Red Truffle 21 is bright, vibrant and alive.  This rare, culinary delicacy sits alongside green, earthy fig, bitter citrus and cool, crisp, pine to create an exciting and contemporary new classic. This is truffle made modern!


Jo says “I remember having a simple plate of pasta in Harry’s Bar in London. It was right at the beginning of truffle season and as they grated delicate shavings over steaming hot spaghetti, the intensity of the smell hit me like a huge power note. I couldn’t stop thinking how could I translate this into a fragrance?

Red Truffle 21 high res


It’s taken me a long time to get exactly the right balance of truffle; too much and it’s too dominant, yet too little and it disappears. By sitting it alongside fresh fig, bitter citrus and sharp pine, I have achieved vibrancy and harmony, whilst ensuring that truffle is always present.

I have been a retailer and part of the beauty industry for twenty one years and looking back I don’t think I would ever have had the confidence to use such a unique and unusual ingredient as Truffle until now.  For me, this fragrance marks the beginning of a new and exciting collection; a series of scents that surprise you.  I want to cause unimaginable and magical moments – fragrances that play tricks on your nose!


Over the past two decades I have been drawn, time and time again, to ingredients that give tenacity and power to a fragrance; Oak moss, Oud, Vetiver and Patchouli – they feel like old friends. It’s exciting to add Truffle to this library, knowing that I have the potential to use it in so many different ways. Red Truffle 21 is just the beginning…”

RED TRUFFLE 21 … £95.00/£45.00 100ml/30ml

Top: Black Pepper, Fig Leaf, Begamot, Mandarin
Heart: Pine Leaves, Fig, Juniper
Base: Vetiver, Truffle, Patchouli

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Anita Whyte

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