Review of Yon-Ka Spa Break in Lough Rea Hotel & Spa


Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Lough Rea Hotel & Spa with Yon-Ka and The Publicity Loft.  It was by far the BEST spa experience I have had and while I am a big fan of Yon-Ka I’ve never actually had any Yon-Ka treatments in a salon or spa before now.

I have used the Yon-Ka Excellence Code moisturiser, this moisturiser is results driven and after a bad spell of dry skin due to medication I could see a noticeable difference after 3 weeks using it.  My skin was plumper, alot brighter and to my delight clearer!  I have patches of redness and rosacea and after a 2 month period this had cleared up.  Cream feels silky smooth on the skin and lovely under makeup (no need for a primer) and after cleansing at night didn’t feel heavy on the skin, I like to wear something light at night as this is the time skin is regenerating at a faster rate and won’t feel congested.


Anyway back to the spa experience in the Shore Island Spa … we arrived at the spa at 10am for treatments and were shown to the dressing room, given a bathrobe, slippers and towel and brought upstairs to relax and unwind in their Thermal Suite.  The Thermal suite area includes aromatherapy sauna room, steam room, tropical experience shower, ice fountain, soothing foot spas, Jacuzzi, sanarium and light and dark relaxation rooms.14716082_1291938110827032_8059770083822642983_n


After half an hour my therapist Kelly came to meet me and brought me down to the treatment floor, this floor is on a seperate floor, away from the thermal suit and the spa reception so its complete silence on the floor.  Other spas I’ve used you can hear activity and clients coming and going, this was completely tranquil.  Total bliss.




My first treatment was a back, neck and shoulder massage,  Kelly started and mentioned I had a lot of knots which she worked on using the Yon-Ka Huile Corps 2 products, the smell was amazing and really relaxing before she even put her hands to me!




After the massage I was turned over to have my Yon-Ka Hydralessence Visage Facial.  The bed was adjusted so there was no pull on my back lying flat which was a real treat as normally I ask for something for under my knees so its more comfortable.


Kelly started off by using a warm compress soaked in a product called Phyto Bain, which helps to de-stress and introduce the aroma of Yonka.  She then used two cleansers, the first was the Lait Nettoyant cleansing milk and the second was the Nettoyant Crème cleansing cream.

She then used the used the lucas to spray a warm mist of Emulsion Concentrate onto the skin which contains what is called “Yon-Ka Quintessence”  – 5 essential oils with extraordinary powers … lavender, thyme, geranium, rosemary and cypress .


Kelly then exfoliated the skin using a non- abrasive product called Gommage 305.   This gently removes dead skin cells while balancing and hydrating the skin. The some more of the gorgeous Lucas again.   She did eye massage using a product called Phyto Contour which is great for tightening and brightening the eyes and used a cream called Phyto 58 ps for the facial massage.

This cream has rosemary so it brightens and tightens the skin and also clarifies and detoxifies.  Kelly then applied the first mask which was called Masque No.1.   She told me if this mask is left on the skin for 8 hours it gives a 96% hydration increase.


While the mask was working on the skin Kelly did a gorgeous scalp massage….so, so relaxing.  The second mask then that Kelly used on me was called the Masque Modelant.  This mask is especially good for hydration, balancing and brightening of the skin.  While the mask was working away Kelly did a hand and arm massage using more massage products.  The next therapist I have will have alot to live up to!


When Kelly was removing the mask you’ll see from the image it comes off like an actual mask.  She finished the facial by applying an eye cream and lip cream called Alpha Contour which increases cell regeneration and hydrates.  She used the Hydra No.1 crème as my day cream, which is both hydrating and repairing.  The images attached don’t do justice for the treatment.


For more information on treatment in the Shore Island spa click HERE



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