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As Pillar Healthcare reaches 18 months of trading we caught up with the management team to get their top tips to increase fertility. With exports going to the US, Hong Kong, Bosnia and Malta to name but a few countries, this Enniscorthy company is being noticed.

Everything that you do will have an impact on your fertility, both positive and negative. We are designed to re-produce but what you eat and what you do, will directly impact your fertility parameters. This was demonstrated by a study conducted by Harvard University. The researchers showed an 80% decrease in infertility standards with lifestyle and dietary changes.

In large scale studies, the effect of nutrient intake has been recorded for decades now.

  • An L- Arginine study showed a 250%-plus increase in sperm count and motility in study participants.
  • One large review in 2011 showed that with men undergoing assisted conception like IVF or ICSI, the men taking antioxidants were five times as likely to have a successful treatment.
  • pre-Conceive which was examined in a landmark study in 2014, showed that it could improve fertility parameters in both men and women in just 3 months

The lead researchers conclusion stated, “pre-Conceive combined with nutritional advice improves the levels of key fertility and nutritional parameters.”

If you would like to see more scientific research on nutrients, including our own independent study, please just go to our website at

I think most of us believe that we eat healthily, which might be true on the face of it, but are you getting substantial nutrition that is going to make a difference for you?  The fact of the matter is, the food we eat today is refined and processed to have a longer shelf life and to be that bit sweeter – think brown rice and white rice for example. White rice is more pleasant but in the refining process, 80% on average of its nutrition is lost. According to a 1995 National Food Survey, nine out of 10 people are grossly deficient in the essential mineral Zinc, which outlined earlier is found in egg and sperm cells and itself is a potent antioxidant.  In many cases infertility is the result of multi-factorial conditions, in both the female and the male, but nutrient intake has to be considered as a part of the problem and ultimately the solution.

The great thing is, fertility markers are relatively easy to improve. A healthier, more nutrient packed diet is easy to achieve, without having to spend all day in the kitchen! A few of our top tips can be found below, formulated by our expert nutritional team.

Tips to improve your fertility

  • Eat better: Researchers have confirmed that women who eat a poor diet before they become pregnant are about 50 percent more likely to have a preterm birth than those on a healthy diet (University of Adelaide).
  • Not all fats are bad: Saturated and trans fatty foods are very detrimental to your fertility – Omega 3, 6, and 9 based foods are very important for fertility – don’t forget the good guys!
  • Avoid Refined Foods: Always eat the wholegrain versions, the brown version of foods. Brown bread, brown pasta, brown rice. The white refined versions convert to sugar too fast and are the major cause of weight gain, Syndrome X and diabetes.
  • Increase Fruit and Veg: This is where you will find the bulk of your nutrients come from. Choose a wide range of in season fruit and veg. Only 3% of the developed world eat at least three servings of vegetables daily and only 28% eat two servings of fruit. What do you eat? And keep in mind a portion is a handful.
  • Consider nutritional supplements: A study published in the Nutritional Journal of 2007 reported that nutritional supplements are an important source of nutrition. The study also suggested that nutritional supplement users were generally more healthy when it comes to health parameters. Another recent study from Harvard Medical school involving 18,000 women has shown that taking multi vitamins, particularly folic acid, can improve chances of pregnancy.

Pillar Healthcare would also like to offer our fertility diet, used in our clinical study for free to users.  Simply contact and it will be sent straight to you.

To find out more about pre-Conceive and improving your fertility, call into your local health store or pharmacy.

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Mark Whitney

Mark Whitney is the Managing Director of Pillar Healthcare. Pillar have developed Europe's most therapeutic nutritional supplement for improving fertility. pre-Conceive has been heralded as "A new hope for couples trying to conceive," and is backed by fertility clinics, embryologists, doctors, pharmacists and more. Mark has worked as a nutritional therapist managing his own clinic and for some of the larger nutritional based companies.