Ireland and Infertility – The Reality

Infertility is a medical and social condition that can cause considerable social, emotional and psychological distress.

Unfortunately Ireland has a growing rate of infertility amongst Irish couples and the figure is growing. It is estimated that one in every 6 couples in Ireland are affected by infertility.

According to the women’s health council infertility has been ranked as one of the biggest stressors in life. It has been highlighted by many reports that grieving caused by infertility is unlike grief caused by bereavement. It does not follow a pattern but it is recurrent and triggered by events in life.

The effects of infertility has been described as severe loss, loss of relationship with partner, loss of sexual pleasure, loss of hope and also loss of confidence. As a society there are a number of avenues to help couples who face infertility however as a culture we need to become more aware and more sensitive towards it.

Infertility can cause a huge upheaval in people’s lives it interferes with people’s hopes and also causes severe stress on everyone involved.

It is estimated that one third of infertility cases presented are caused by the male factor this may be low sperm count etc. Another third of cases are linked to the female factor such as blocked Fallopian tubes, poor egg quality etc. The rest is usually a combination of the two and also unexplained infertility.

An increase in public awareness is necessary in order for couples who face infertility to be supported during their difficulties! As today is the launch of National Fertility Week it is important to become aware of the issue of infertility regardless of gender or age. Preventive measures should be taken as early as possible.

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Mark Whitney

Mark Whitney is the Managing Director of Pillar Healthcare. Pillar have developed Europe's most therapeutic nutritional supplement for improving fertility. pre-Conceive has been heralded as "A new hope for couples trying to conceive," and is backed by fertility clinics, embryologists, doctors, pharmacists and more. Mark has worked as a nutritional therapist managing his own clinic and for some of the larger nutritional based companies.