10 Easy Steps To Boost Your Fertility Today

The best way to boost nutritional levels in preparation for pregnancy is to eat a nutrient dense fertility diet. If you are wanting to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy, what you eat and what you avoid eating play an important role. Learn our top tips on what you should and shouldn’t do while eating a fertility diet. These tips are your foundational guide to eating right in preparation for pregnancy.

Boost your fertility today, it is as simple as implementing 10 easy to follow tips…

The Do’s.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables: Fruit and veg is where we get the bulk of our nutrients and also our antioxidants. Brightly coloured foods are generally bursting with antioxidants that can help protect vital organs and cells. Fruits can also give you that sweetness you might crave! Get used to smoothies and juices because even if you are not a ‘fruit or veg fan,’ you can still pack your day with fruit and veg and increase your water intake all in the same go.

Take a Fertility Multi: Despite the best will in the world, we will always fall short on some nutrients. Fertility or pre-Conceptual multi’s will safeguard you from deficiency.

Choosing Organic: If the option is there and affordable, I try my best to persuade people to buy organic. This isn’t because the food is more nutritious, after all if food is grown in bad soil, it will develop poorly. No, it is because of the chemicals used in pesticides etc. are very, very toxic to us. 33 pesticides were examined in a recent European survey. It showed that 27 of the 33, proved to be Endocrine Disrupting Hormones……………. This will impact on your hormonal system and the development of your sex cells.

Don’t Avoid Fat: Don’t avoid fats, just make sure you are eating the right kind. Bad fats will clog your arteries, hamper your fertility, cause weight gain. Good fats will do the exact opposite. Check out a recent post on ‘Fats.’

Eating Fibre: There is more to fibre than regularity… Fibre, in many ways is responsible for the safe transit of toxic chemicals from the body. The chemicals are processed by the liver and sent into the bowel, via bile, to be eliminated in our waste materials. Regularity, including fibre, is important for this function. This is how we get rif of the majority of toxic or waste substances from the body.

The Dont’s:

sleep deprivation


Don’t skimp on Sleep: A good night’s rest is probably nature’s best cure. Modern lifestyles have probably pushed us towards being sleep deprived, but when you can, try get your 8 hours uninterrupted and beware of ‘screens.’ The lighting in most screens have been shown to inhibit melatonin production, your sleep hormone for want of a better phrase.



Skip Refined Sugar: Avoiding blood sugar crashes, can have a very positive effect on your hormonal pattern. Refined sugars, like white sugar, white rice, flour, pasta etc. are all processed and during the processing, most of the fibre, germ and nutrients are stripped away, making them nutritionally pointless that they HAVE to, fortify the foods with some nutrients.

Talking: Regardless of the situation, we never really know how infertility can make someone feel. Talking about it in a productive and supportive manner, even through mediators or friends or family, can make a big difference. After all, the Women’s Health Council report that infertility is one of the biggest stresses for women, comparable to divorce or a death in the family.

Don’t Pollute Yourself: Your body is a temple, more like your body is the only one that you have and certain substances will degrade it. This is also true of or fertility. Smoking, Alcohol, Pesticides, Fumes, Chemicals are all going into us on a daily basis and a lot of the time it is by choice. Keeping the body healthy and toxin free improves your fertility and simple changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference.


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Mark Whitney

Mark Whitney is the Managing Director of Pillar Healthcare. Pillar have developed Europe's most therapeutic nutritional supplement for improving fertility. pre-Conceive has been heralded as "A new hope for couples trying to conceive," and is backed by fertility clinics, embryologists, doctors, pharmacists and more. Mark has worked as a nutritional therapist managing his own clinic and for some of the larger nutritional based companies.