5 Easy Ways To Feel Better About Yourself


Has your life become a bit too predictable? Maybe it’s time for some life tweaking short-cuts to help you feel good about yourself.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or how complicated your life seems right now, a mini life audit can be a real eye-opener.


How many hats do you wear? It’s all too easy to get submerged in being Manager or Mom and forget who you are.

5 easy ways to feel better about yourself …

Rediscover what makes you feel totally alive with my 5 easy ways to feel better about yourself.

1).  Get started

Right now. It doesn’t have to be the perfect moment.  Grab your phone or the back of an envelope and think about yourself for a change.  You are the only one who can do it.  Never seems to be any time, just for you?  What are you doing and do you need to do it all?  Are Facebook and TV time sinks, draining away mindless hours?  Could you get shopping delivered?  Reorganise your household, and make sure everyone who can, helps.

2).  What really matters to you right now?

Don’t assume what mattered last year still does.  Discover what makes you tick right now.  Maybe security is still high on the list or having fun might be raising it’s head over the parapet.  Is shedding weight, learning a fun exercise, making new friends or time management important?  It’s ok to have a different focus, just notice what has changed for you and choose the order they are in.

3).  Check what’s sabotaging you

People generally do what they least like, last.  So, if you still feel exercise has to be a miserable gym experience, think again!  Dance classes, cycling or running are fun and get you moving.  Choose upbeat music for your day to keep you vibrantly on track.  You are more likely to stick with your changes if you’re having some fun.  Have you any dream-stealers around you?  Nay sayers, disparaging your efforts to change?  If you can’t beat them … get them to join you. Start a running group, get charity fundraising, share bucket lists … and you’ll see a whole new side of people you know.

Listen to yourself.  What are you saying to yourself?  Your ‘inner dialogue’ is the one that says you never stick to anything.  Challenge it!  You get up every morning, don’t you?  And there’s much more…

4).  Steer your course

Expect setbacks, temptations and that ‘inner voice’ to try sabotaging you. It happens.  Start again … and again, if necessary!  Even the smallest shifts add up to progress.  A jet plane is off-course 99% of the time – it’s the pilots job to steer it.

5).  What are you willing to do?

Be brutally honest with yourself about what you are prepared to do to achieve that goal.  Hmm, is there anything you are prepared not to do?  I’m talking about setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier to exercise or swopping take-outs for real food if a slimmer you is the goal.  You don’t have to martyr yourself because achieving your goal needn’t be a struggle.

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Helena Tubridy

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