Are your eggs too fat?

Dairy cows in Australia are down under the microscope – with interesting results! Analysis of bovine egg obesity may help transform IVF success rates.

This new study examined the levels of fat in the oocytes (immature eggs) of cattle and is believed to to have the potential to benefit the dairy industry and radically alter human IVF treatment.

Cow’s eggs which are filled with fat decreased fertility levels, interfering with egg and embryo development.  Now it turns out that the fat laden egg cells can be successfully treated with a medication called Salubrinol.  The Australian study study ran over 3 years.

Senior researcher Dr Mel McDowall of the Centre for Nanoscale Bio Photonics and the Robinson Research Centre at the University of Adelaide explains,’ What we’ve shown is that fatty eggs affect the fertility process negatively.  These eggs behave differently when they contain higher levels of fat – they exhibit a particular type of stress, reduce the quality of the eggs and subsequent embryo development. Salubrinal – a selective inhibitor of cellular complexes – improves egg quality and gets the embryo back to within normal quality parameters.’

Dr. Rebecca Robker, senior author on the study at the University of Adelaide Robinson Research Institute continued, ‘What we know is that obese women (with BMIs over 30) also have fatty oocytes and this can be a key cause of infertility. The use of Salubrinal could potentially benefit large numbers of women seeking IVF treatment in the future.’

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