Want to banish cellulite the natural way?


Why oils are a fat lot of good … and how you can banish cellulite the natural way.

Are you fed up with anti cellulite treatments having no effect on that unsightly dimpled skin?  Tired of dingy skin?  Craving chips and choc ices?  Fatigued?


The solution lies within, what we put into our bodies – not always what we put onto them.  Cellulite and dull skin, for example, are a reaction to bad body fuel.

Cellulite is simply a deficiency in the body’s reserves of EFA’s (Essential fatty Acids).  Without EFA’s our skin cells become malformed, creating that unsightly orange peel effect, and our facial skin becomes dry and under nourished.  The only way to remove cellulite and improve our skin is therefore to replenish the body’s EFA reserves, and the way to do this is take EFA’s daily.

The essential Fatty Acids are vital on a daily basis in far greater quantities than any other essential nutrient.  Yet they are no longer available to us in the foods we eat as processing removes or damages them.  As a result we are deficient in these vital oils, and our bodies are struggling to manage without them, leading to both weight and health problems.

The body’s constant desire to obtain these vital nutrients, causes us to endure the endless hunger which leads to over eating and food cravings.

The following are some of the benefits of taking Omega 3 oils:

  • Hunger will be naturally satisfied and cravings reduced.  The EFA’s enter the cell membranes, ensuring sufficient oxygen and nutrient transfer between cells, leading to greater energy levels and increased immunity against disease.
  • Cells will be restored, so reducing or eliminating cellulite.
  • Skin texture and elasticity will dramatically improve.
  • Blood thickness / viscosity will be regulated and cardiovascular elasticity restored, protecting against damage.


With all of these benefits Omega 3 is invaluable to your health.  It is also invaluable to anyone wishing to lose weight, as it had the effect of filling you up.

Being without Omega 3 oils leads to a nutritional deficiency and as soon as you start to replenish your supplies, you will be delighted with the results.


Jess Day

Jess Day is an experienced Holistic Therapist, who qualified over 10 years ago with a Diploma in Holistic Dietetics and Nutrition. Also a registered member of the Irish Association for Craniosacral Therapists, Jess has been practicing since 1999 and is an advanced practitioner with a special interest in Paediatrics operating in County Carlow & Kildare.