Enter & WIN a NeoStrata Skin Active Day & Night Cream worth €120



Every NeoStrata product offers incredible anti-aging and rejuvenating effects thanks to the ground-breaking AHA & PHA technologies discovered by the creators of Neostrata, Drs. Eugene Van Scott and Dr Ruey Yu.


Equally, because Neostrata is science driven, our products are regularly and widely recommended for the treatment and relief against a wide range of specific skin conditions and concerns.

So whether you are looking for a daily regimen to prevent and reverse the signs of aging or need an effective remedy for a specific skin condition, you can use the NeoStrata product selection guide and skin conditions glossary to find the perfect range of products for your requirements.

Although you can expect visible results with the continued use of any one of Neostrata’s broad range of products, some are best used in conjunction with others to maximise the efficacy of the synergistic active ingredients.

NeoStrata have made choosing the right products simple by segmenting them into 5 main regimens, each consisting of at least 1 option for repairing (cleansing), Repairing (daytime protection) and protecting (a night time treatment).  This ensures a full daily regimen tailored to your skin type

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From their Skin Active range we have a Day & Night Cream to the value of €120 to giveaway … we will enter your name in a draw when you purchase any NeoStrata product/products from any of their ranges.  If you buy more than one we will enter your name for each product you buy HERE.

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SKIN ACTIVE potent multi-function anti-aging formulas containing NeoGlucosamine™, Peptides and Retinol,   AHA and patented PHA Bionics, anti-oxidants including Chardonnay grape seed extract, Vitamin E and pomegranate and berry extractsand Phyto Cell (apple stem cell).

SKIN ACTIVE paitient Profile:

  • Mature severely photoaged skin
  • Deeper looking lines / wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Discoloration


For more information on NeoStrata and their range click HERE 


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