Jennifer Queen of the Telly

After landing the lead role in Priscilla Queen Of the Desert along side the Jason Donovan at the Bord Gais Energy Theater, Jennifer Maguire is on fire.  The Republic of  Telly star has taken over the big screen so it’s time to take over the Theatre world also.

Speaking about landing her role Jennifer mentioned, “alot of people don’t realise I’m acting in Republic of Telly… they just think I’m a wagon”.

We certaintly don’t think that here at so when I managed to nab a quick interview with her I was delighted.  I mainly wanted to know how she can be so damn hot and so damn funny…. Like k’mom Jen, spill your beauty secrets.

Usually I re-write my interview questions but with Jennifer Maguire, there is no need …. Enjoy.



Jennifer, working on one of the country’s most popular shows and flying around interviewing people all the time, what are the must have’s in your handbag to make you camera ready at any moment?  I always carry translucent powder to get rid of any shine.  Owning a good red lipstick is always a life saver to spruce up any look too.



Your hair always looks so shiny and healthy, do you use any particular products?  I have just start trying to really look after my skin and love Dermalogica products.  Skin changes and throughout the year you should change your products too.  I don’t wear the same moisturiser in winter as I do in summer so I mix it up to suit skin type and climate.

Are you more high street or high end when it comes to shopping?  Definitely high street.  I love looking at high end then finding it much cheaper.  It’s more fun bargain hunting and having something second hand or vintage is much cooler than buying it on your credit card from a high end shop.  I love ‘a Star Is Born’ vintage shop on Clarendon Street and always find something in Topshop for any occasion.

What’s the last product you bought? and how was it?  The last product was a Rimmel eye brow pencil for around 6 euro! I’m all about the eyebrows now and as I’m trying to grow mine out the pencil is great to help fill in the gaps.

Do you follow a strict diet/fitness routine?  I eat everything in moderation. I never drink fizzy drinks and I exercise at least 3 times a week.  Myself and Lau have a pretty healthy lifestyle but I never deprive myself of anything and if I want a pint of Guinness I will have one!

Who’s the most famous celeb you interviewed?  Will Ferrell who is a hero of mine and I even got to smell his face.jenn 2

What was your toughest interview? (Couldn’t get a conversation from them, wouldn’t answer questions etc.)  Mark Walberg was a bit of an arse.  He’s very nice to look at but not sure how much of a sense of humour he has.


Have you any beauty tips to share with our readers?  Don’t have unrealistic expectation. Focus on being happy and being you and just make the most of what you’ve got.

It’s obvious you’re such a naturally funny lady, do you find it hard to keep a straight face when filming (Republic of Telly)  I think of puppies being punched in the face.

jennifer 1


And that ladies and Gents, is why we think she’s awesome!!!  Let us know what you think on twitter @MissAineONeill


Aine O'Neill

Aine has worked in production, media and loves presenting. She has worked alongside Marty Whelan, Dermot Whelan, Stephen Cooper & many more. Most recently worked for Waka TV on RTE'S Six in the City & Wagons Den. Follow Aine on twitter @MissAineONeill for sneaky look into her world.