5 Tips to get skin Debs ready


Debs season is upon us so if yours is coming up here are some tips to get your skin in order before the big event.



  1. It always starts with the basics

A good cleansing regime is vital for radiant skin so start your new skin care programme with cleansing morning and evening.  Use a mild cleanser that won’t strip or irritate the skin and ditch the cleansing wipes. These can rob the skin of moisture. Dehydrated irritated skin never reflects make-up well so start by investing in a good cleanser. Most professional cleansers are water soluble so can be used as a fast face wash if you are looking for a quick fix.

  1. Hydrate

Keep skin hydrated by drinking at least 1&1/2 litres of water every day.  This should be increased in warmer weather or if you are exercising.  A hydrated skin will have a natural glow and is the perfect base for makeup application.  A serum or moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid is a great to give your skin a boost of moisture coming up to the event.

  1. Exfoliate

Dead lifeless cells sitting at the surface of your skin will give skin a grey hue.  Help your skins renewal process by adding an exfoliant twice weekly.

  1. Take care of yourself

What we eat and drink really effects our complexion.  Many processed foods starve skin of water and leave our skin looking tired and dull. Avoid processed and sugary foods.  Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol coming up to the date and eat plenty of anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables.

  1. Treat yourself

A professional treatment is always a must coming up to important events.  A facial will rejuvenate, brighten and hydrate your skin leaving you red carpet ready!


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Jeanne Brophy

Jeanne Brophy has been working as a facialist for over a decade. Jeanne’s holistic approach & understanding of skin health has earned her the reputation as one of Irelands leading skincare specialists. Her focus on skin health has taken her on seminars & courses throughout Ireland, the U.S., France & the UK, discovering innovative skincare solutions for healthy radiant skin. Her aim is to help all her clients become truly confident in their own skin .